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Thank you for your consideration to support Kennedy Catholic High School. This information provides details on ways an individual or group may support the activities and programs of Kennedy Catholic High School through charitable giving. There are several places a donor may wish to direct his/her contribution – such as the Alumni Campaign, the Endowment Fund, Student and Faculty Scholarships, Special Programs, or through an Unrestricted Gift. All are dedicated to raising gift support for Kennedy Catholic High School.

Be sure to review all our information to get a complete picture of what we do. And thank you for your consideration.

Some want to make a charitable gift now, but concerns about personal and family financial security may make these gifts seem impossible. Is there a charitable gift that can help you meet all of your goals? Some of the most popular gift-giving ideas are listed below.

Gifts of Cash

Gifts of cash represent the most fundamental and important source of funding for Kennedy Catholic High School. It is the easiest and most popular form of gift, and offers a tax deduction equal to the full value of the gift.

Gifts of Stock

In many cases a gift of stock may provide even greater tax benefits than a gift of equal value in cash.  Why?  A stock (held more than 1 year) that has appreciated in value will generate capital gains tax if it is cashed in. By gifting the appreciated securities directly to Kennedy Catholic High School you can avoid paying capital gains tax and take a charitable deduction for the full market value of the securities.

Oftentimes a stock will ‘split’ over the years and provide additional shares for the donor. Gifting part of a stock certificate is also a great way to make a gift to Kennedy Catholic High School.

Gift Annuities

Through a charitable gift annuity, you can make a gift to Kennedy Catholic High School and receive guaranteed lifetime payments for yourself or designated beneficiaries.  The payments are a fixed amount and generally depend on the number (up to 2) and ages of the beneficiaries.

Please click here for more information about charitable gift annuities.

Life Insurance

This gift-giving vehicle allows a donor to make a sizable gift at the time of death that wasn’t possible during a lifetime.  Three ways to benefit Kennedy Catholic High School with life insurance are:

  1. Name Kennedy Catholic High School as primary or secondary beneficiary of an existing policy.
  2. Name Kennedy Catholic High School as the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy.
  3. Buy a new policy and contribute it to Kennedy Catholic High School.

Retirement Plans & IRA’s

Both are great examples of deferred gifts (those committed in the present, but received by a charity in the future).

Thanks to great tax advantages, now is the time to consider using IRAs and retirement funds to fund a charitable gift.  If these assets are left to heirs, most of the gift will be lost to taxes.  The funds from an IRA or retirement plan that you leave to Kennedy Catholic High School qualify for an estate-tax deduction and are not subject to income taxes because the School is tax-exempt.

To do this, you will need to name Kennedy Catholic High School as beneficiary of a portion of your IRA or qualified retirement fund.  It could be a percentage or even the entire amount if you have no heirs to consider.  Upon your death, the portion (mentioned above) will be paid to the School in a lump sum, totally tax fee.

New tax incentive for charitable gifts from your IRA:

The Pension Protection Act allows taxpayers over 70.5 years old to donate money to charity directly from their IRA account. The distributions will be tax-free and avoid the penalty on early withdrawals. Taxpayers are allowed to donate up to $100,000 per year from their IRA. Since the distribution will not be included in taxable income, individuals will not be able to claim a tax deduction for the charitable contribution. This provision will be effective for the years 2006 and 2007 only.

You are eligible for this new tax savings opportunity if:

  • You are age 70 ½ or older
  • Your gift to Kennedy Catholic is made on or before December 31, 2007
  • You transfer funds directly from an IRA or Rollover IRA to Kennedy Catholic High School

Make a gift now.  Contact your IRA custodian for the forms necessary to transfer your desired gift amount to Kennedy Catholic High School.


One of the most precious legal rights is the opportunity to dispose of property the way you want. Only through a valid will can you ensure that your wishes will be carried out. For example, a will allows you to make a gift for charitable purposes in the form of a specific amount, a particular property, a percentage of your estate, or a portion of the residue, or “what’s left over” after providing for other heirs.

Sample Language: “I bequeath to Kennedy Catholic High School, Hermitage, PA (insert dollar amount, percentage of estate or description of property), to be used for its general purposes.”

A thoughtfully prepared and carefully drafted will can provide peace of mind for both you and your beneficiaries. What’s more, you can maintain complete control over assets during your lifetime, while enjoying estate tax savings for amounts transferred at death.


Kennedy Catholic High School’s Endowment is its financial foundation – its security. Endowment is the school’s invested capital that generates funds to be used, in perpetuity, to support its mission.

Endowments may be named for donors, loved ones as a memorial, favorite faculty, or program, etc. Endowments may be established for scholarships*, program support, building costs, etc. Donors may be matched to purpose(s). *N.B.: Minimum levels of support have been established for scholarships to guarantee that income will be adequate to achieve the benefactor’s intent – now and in the future.

The following objectives shall be considered and met when investing the school’s endowment funds: safety of principal; maximum appreciation consistent with safety of principal; yield on investments; need for liquidity.

Funds shall be invested in companies that promote values of Catholic moral and social teachings.

Gift to the Endowment

  • All gifts less than $10,000 will be recognized in the School Newsletter, (with donor’s permission.)
  • All gifts greater than $10,000 will be given permanent recognition (upon receipt of gift) plaque at Kennedy Catholic High School

Student and Faculty Scholarships

About the Scholarships
Every year more and more students benefit from donors who support the school’s Scholarship Program. This year 106 scholarships have been awarded to students in grades 9 – 12. Most of these scholarships are based on financial need, some on academic performance, and some given to students who meet other special criteria. We are grateful that scholarships are being created continuously. Individuals who are committed to providing a quality, faith-based education to our children have created these scholarships. However, our work is not finished. We continue to seek support from those wishing to change lives, build futures and give the gift of education.

A Scholarship Can Be Created in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Name your Fund
    • In memory of a loved one
    • In your name
    • In honor of a special person
  2.  Set the Criteria
    • Tuition Assistance
    • Students maintaining a 3.5 average
    • For children from your Parish
    • Other
  3. Determine the Type of Scholarship
    • Endowed Scholarship – A long- lasting opportunity to honor or memorialize someone special. Your gift is invested, and a percentage of the interest earned is used for the purpose of the scholarship. *Minimum amount of $10,000.
    • Pass-through Scholarship – An annual or one-time gift to Kennedy Catholic High School Scholarship Fund that passes through to the recipient(s).
  4. Establish the Amount
    • Give a one time gift of $10,000 (required amount for endowed scholarship)
    • Give an initial donation and add to it from time to time until the fund reaches $10,000
    • Have others donate to your scholarship (i.e. in honor of your birthday)
    • Establish a scholarship in your will
    • Give a gift of cash $250 (recommended amount) and establish a pass-through scholarship

Alumni Campaign

What is the Alumni Drive?

  • The Annual Alumni Drive has a long-standing tradition in Kennedy Catholic High School.
  • The Fund encourages and recognizes loyalty and support of alumni, parents of alumni and general friends.
  • The “Alumni mail campaign” generates gifts that are primarily unrestricted (meaning the donor allows the school to determine how the money is used.)
  • Unrestricted gifts are used for the daily operations of the school system.
  • All who donate to the annual Alumni Drive are recognized (with donor’s permission) .

What is the Matching Gifts Program?

  • Arranging a corporate matching gift is an easy way for Kennedy Catholic High School alumni, parents and friends to increase the impact of their personal contributions to the school system. By taking advantage of their company’s matching gift benefit, a donor can generate an additional gift that may double or triple his or her own contribution without any further obligation from the donor.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Honoring a loved one through charitable gifts is an especially meaningful way of paying tribute to someone special while assuring that Christian values continue to influence the world around us. Memorial and tribute gifts allow you to thoughtfully remember family and friends who have been such a vital part of your life. Memorial and tribute gifts must be placed through the Main Office of Kennedy Catholic High School.

Include a note with the following information:

  • Name of the deceased and date of death (copy of obituary if possible).
  • Name of the surviving widow, widower, or family member to who notice of this gift should be sent.
  • Name, address and amount of each donation included in the envelope.
  • Telephone number of the principal donor, in case there are any questions.

Gifts that Honor and Commemorate
Include a note with the following information:

  • Name(s) of friend or loved one who is being honored.
  • Reason for honoring special friend or loved one.
  • Name of person to who notice of this gift should be sent.
  • Name, address and amount of each donation included in the envelope.
  • Telephone number of the principal donor, in case there are any questions.
  • Gifts that honor and/or commemorate a special friend or loved one are placed in the Scholarship Fund unless otherwise requested.

Memorial Books and Special Books

A book is a thoughtful way of remembering someone special!

Memorial Books

  • The person requesting a memorial may submit the name of a loved one that has passed away and his or her interests or hobbies, and the amount they wish to donate.
  • A suitable book will be chosen and ordered.
  • A memorial card will be sent in the mail to the deceased person’s family. A memorial bookplate with the deceased person’s name and the name of the donor will be placed in the front of the book.
  • The name of the deceased and the book title will appear in the school’s newsletter (unless otherwise advised).

Special Books

  • Books to honor a special person or memorable event are available.
  • Some special books that have been donated in the past include ones “In honor of a Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary”, “In honor of Someone’s Retirement”, “In honor of Special Recognition of a Person” etc…
  • A suitable bookplate is placed in the front of the book honoring the person and/or the event and the donor.
  • The name of the person, the title of the book and the donor of the book is published in the school newsletter.

Donations of gently used books or magazines are greatly appreciated in the high school library.

Special Programs

How Does My Donation Help?

  • All benefactors of Kennedy Catholic High School share one important reward for their gifts: the personal satisfaction of making an investment in the lives of children.
  • Every gift strengthens the school system.
  • Gifts made to a specific Department or Program will be used to promote academic excellence.

How Can I Contribute?
A donor may direct a gift to Kennedy Catholic High School for expendable use toward:

  • The Art Department
  • The Athletic Department
  • Campus Ministry
  • The English Department
  • Foreign Language Department
  • Library
  • Math Department
  • Music Department
  • Science Department
  • Service Organizations, Action Club, Students for Charity, Key Club and others
  • Social Studies Department
  • Business & Technology Department
  • Theater Department

Unrestricted Gifts

What is an Unrestricted Gift

  • An unrestricted gift is simply a gift to Kennedy Catholic High School with no restrictions from the donor on how it is to be used – although it can be directed to a particular Department or Program and still be considered unrestricted.

How is Unrestricted Giving Beneficial?

  • Unrestricted gifts to Kennedy Catholic High School allow flexibility in determining how best to use the funds.
  • Unrestricted giving is a chance for you to do the greatest good. The school directs these funds to where they can have the greatest impact.
  • Unrestricted giving allows the school to address priorities and bring immediate benefits to the school system as a whole.

Please, contact our Advancement Director with any questions on how you can support Kennedy.