Welcome, to all who have shared the Kennedy Experience…

Come say “hello” and touch base.  Tell your fellow alumni about your life since you graduated.  Career, family, travels – we want to know it all. Remember how we promised to teach you things that involved not only your minds, but your hearts? Remember how we vowed to give you a school experience that would help you to not only serve yourself in life, but to also serve Christ and your community?  Tell us how successful we’ve been!

We want to know how your particular “flight of excellence” looks from your perspective.  And remember, your own satisfaction with your life is one mark of excellence! So send us news and pictures (please email them to  Stephanie Wilson, our advancement director) – we would love to share your story! YOU are the best sales pitch we can offer to our new generation of Kennedy kids! Don’t forget you can keep in touch with what’s going on in our schools by liking us on Facebook.

And if you’d like to offer financial support to your alma mater’s continuing efforts to provide the finest education available to the largest possible number of students, learn more about our fundraising efforts here!

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Alumni Information Form

It is important to the Kennedy Catholic Family of Schools that we stay in touch with and continue to strengthen the connection with our alumni. In order to do so, we must maintain updated alumni information. If you are a graduate of KCHS, please submit the form below to help us stay connected!